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A combination of Christmas (Christianity), Hanukkah (Judaism), Kwanzaa (Pan-Africanism), Diwali (Hinduism) and the Winter Solstice (other/none); a general term for holidays in December. More politically correct than Christmahanukkwanzaa, Christmahanukkwanztice and Christmakkah, but less politically correct than Christmahanukkwanzadandiwalstice (Christmas + Hannukah + Kwanzaa + Ramadan + Diwali + Solstice) and Christmahanukkwanzadandiwalstiledos (all that with Kaledos tacked onto the end for those Lithuanian reconstructionists).
Me: Happy/Merry Christmahanukkwandiwalstice!
Normal Person: What the hell?
by AgnosticRocker December 23, 2007

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