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A $10,000 buzzword used to make useless pamphlets seem extremely sophisticated and important.

A combination of the words envisioning and engeneering.
Hood College: visioneering our future.
by Agent Orange November 09, 2004
the cDc's Ninja Strike Force, that is, the Cult of the Dead Cow. A group of degenerate mentally disturbed but highly dangerous cyber criminals who try to deflect their own insecurities and lack of prowess augmented by their inherent drug abuse problems by causing unwanted damage on innocent peoples computers and businesses.
it is allegedly the nsf who organised the attack on ACME companies networks.
by Agent Orange July 28, 2004
physical act of making love to your woman. Involves large amounts of ballsweating and ass to mouth face sitting. Taint size often increases pleasure for both delivering and recieving parties.
Hey Guys....when I go home tonight I am gonna give the girlfriend the ol' Heave Hoe. JS
by Agent Orange January 30, 2004
Punking, Of a punk nature. Really cool.
Her outfit was incredibly punkin; I couldn't help but ask where she got her armbands.
by Agent Orange April 12, 2005

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