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A fag who plans to find over 9000 of the fangirls who masturbate to images of his shrimpdick and cum colored face and then fucks a gay cowboy and dies of AIDS.

And then he will rise from the dead and Anonymous will cut his penis off and then proceed to rub their genitals on his face and then set his faggot body on fire and the world will continue as it was before the fat Mormon who created the monstrosity known as Twilight became known to the current world.

Then the war on Hot Topic and emo children will once again rage on.

The end.
Prima: Edward Cullen is such a faggot.
Secunda: O RLY?
Prima: YA RLY.
Secunda: NO WAI!!11!
(Bricks are shat as Secunda then proceeds to divide by zero.)
by Afroduck's Sidekick February 16, 2009

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