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3 definitions by AfFlIcTeD StAtE

A person who runs very fast and or jumps high. This phrase often pertains to African Americans in that they stereotypically are fast, agile and athletic people.
Holy shit man did you see how fast Jahmal was running? Yeah dude he's like an Alpha Kenyan!
by AfFlIcTeD StAtE January 27, 2010
Any person who is so incredibly stupid that you wouldn't be surprised if their brain consisted entirely of raw ground beef.
Ed form "Ed Edd and Eddy" is a real Durfenburger.
by AfFlIcTeD StAtE August 19, 2010
Noun: An ass passing gas.
Verb: To fart in copious amounts, often resulting in soiled undergarments.
Adj: One who has the ability to fart on command.
Kyle: "Did you just wesley?"
Brandon: "Hell yeah, do you smell it?"
Kyle: "Dude you should totally check your pants."
by AfFlIcTeD StAtE August 19, 2010