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This phrase is used by a male or female to refer to their male homies. it can be used as a greeting towards one or more home-boyz, or as a means of refering to your crew, when in the presence of neutral, or un-known company.
see also gyal-dem
1) hey, wassup man-dem(s), u aiight?
2) yeh, my man-dems will hook u up with that shit, trust.
3) dont start flexxin or my man-dems will fuck u up, 4 real!!!
by Adz H January 08, 2006
This is a prefix, that is added onto anything that you are doing/having, without permission, when at work, or in some type of lesson, where rules are to be followed.
1) (when working outdoors) Scott, go and make us a cheeky-bru whilst the boss is havvin a shit!!!
2) Rite, i'l go and roll us a cheeky-joint in the toilet.
3) I had a cheeky-spliff at work, itz always better when ur not supposed 2 be doin it!!!
by Adz H January 10, 2006
When you always put food down for the cat but never put water or milk down (because you cant be arsed). The cat becomes neglected and after a few days decides to lick the condensation off the windows as it is the only means of liquid accessable.
- Can be used for anything neglected!
1) My cat was so thirsty, he become a window licker!
2) (when neglecting academic work) That essay has become a window licker, trust!, it aint gonna be done for time - i cant understand that shit!
3) (when being neglected) SHIT, i feel like a window licker!
by Adz H January 09, 2006

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