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LSD can expand your awareness and perception. It can evolve your understanding of life, the universe and love and the nature of reality and yourself. It's huge! It can be incredibly theraputic. It is very important to be with someone who is NOT judgemental and someone you TRUST. Who will be a "trip sitter" with you - whom you can talk to and share your insights and feelings if you need to. I highly reccomend being in nature as a way to connect to life. That is Sooo MUCH better than tripping in man made and other artificial unnatural environments. I love music etc., but solitude is very important to process the insights that come up.
Safety, trust and nature - are VERY important when you are tripping - for you are VULNERABLE when you are tripping. It is possible to have a bad trip if someone predatory violates your trust - like a cop or a sexual perv for example. On a 'bad trip' instead of connecting to life and love, LSD reinforces your fears instead of your capacity to feel, recieve and give love. Be careful! cuz LSD can have _long lasting_ postive or negative effects. At its best, LSD is transcendental and can help you advance your consciousness. I prefer psychdelic mushrooms instead of synthetic drugs. In anycase, approach with respect and don't give into fear. Its not just about recreation but about wisdom and evolving your consciousness as a human being.
by Advance Consciousness November 12, 2007

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