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Arthur Bryant's is the best BBQ restaurant in the world bar none. The main location is northeast of the corner of 18th and Brooklyn in Kansas City, Missouri. It was jazz saxophonist Charlie "Bird" Parker's favorite restaurant.

Among the list of celebrities, who cite Bryant's as the best BBQ in America: John Kerry; Steven Speilburg; Jimmy and Rosalyn Carter; Danny Glover; R. Lee Ermey; James Spader; Sally Field; etc.
I just chartered a private jet from Los Angeles, because I wanted to fly to Kansas City and get some Arthur Bryant's BBQ. It's the best BBQ on earth.
by Adolf Jew August 23, 2007
A black guy who uses Islam as an excuse to hate white folks and the Jewish people also Asians and hispanics.

Some of the early leaders of this group were Elijah Muhammad and Malcolm X. Later the group was hijacked by Louis "Calypso" Farrakhan and turned into a gimmick to make money.

Yo, dog. I just saw these two Black Muslims drinking 40s and eating hambone with black eyed peas.

That Black Muslim was saying that Isreal was in charge of 9-11. Then he went out and masturbated to a photo of Barbara Streisand.

Ice Cube was saying he was a Black Muslim. Then he buttfucked about fourteen virgins and drank a quart and a half of Crazy Horse.
by Adolf Jew August 23, 2007

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