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2 definitions by Adolf Gates

Brit - Brittish Person

Person who was born in or has citizenship in England, Scotland ,Wales or Northern Ireland
J.B. "I'm jealous I wasn't born a brit"
by Adolf Gates February 14, 2005
Windows is a really unstable Operating System even in the year 2005 it still crashes constantly, hogs memory there not much I can say thats not already been said, I personally Run windows 2000 pro on one partition and Gentoo on another and I'm quite happy using windows 2kpro for certain games and software and gentoo for other things.
Lamer: "Windows sucks"
Linux User: "Yeah I know, why not use Linux?"
Lamer: "I don't know how to use linux"
Linux User: "Try Mandrake or Fedora It's designed for people like you"
by Adolf Gates February 14, 2005