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A racist unconstitutional system where certain minority groups are hired or admitted into institutions above Asian people and white people. Systems of affirmative action hurt Asians at the expense of whites, blacks, Hispanics, etc. in California public colleges. Gave rise to the popular derogatory use of the word "model-minority" when explainign why it's OK to discriminate against Asians.

Will be overturned in a few years because the new supreme court has not heard an affirmative action case since Grutter v. Bollinger.
UC Berkeley is 47% Asian. With affirmative action, they want to make it 11% Asian.

Asians with perfect SAT scores or perfect GPA's are rejected because of "diversity."

White liberals love affirmative action because they hate other white people and "model minorites".
#racism #reverse-racism #anti-asian #affirmative faction #unconstitutional
by Admiral Anonymous February 21, 2006
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