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6 definitions by Admiral Akbar

compliment: aimed at young females (Strikly between the ages of 17 and 29)
with a desirable figure combination of breast and bum at least 8+/10 (Akbar sliding scale).
Summers here did yhou see the fitty in the skirt?

The party was crammed with fitties (pl)
by Admiral Akbar April 22, 2005
to add to the hairy giants discription are the communal naked baths towel whipping (bugger in the true sense) and endless vomiting from drinking to much BITTER
The crudest of Rugger bugger songs!

The Tampax Factory

Jamboree e e
In the Tampax Factory
shout out your orders loud and clear
We have small medium large,
Super duper
fill a barge
when the end of the month
comes around
by Admiral Akbar May 08, 2005
A typical in bread welsh man with starw in his hair shit up to his knees and his cock buried firmly in the arse of your next sunday lunch
Fuck off you dirty sheepshagga
by Admiral Akbar April 22, 2005
Derogative aimed at Female nipples particularly when aroused or on a cold day, reference to hardness and shape of the delicious bar snack.
She is smuggling "peanuts"

Check out the "peanuts" on her!
by Admiral Akbar April 22, 2005
sport: played by groups of young drunken predatory alpha males.
bets are taken at the begining of the night who can pull the most women anul sex being the ultimate goal.
points awarded as follows: 1 for sex 2 for reaching your anul objective. a kiss or no show shall be punished by tieing the failure up naked to a lamp post.
right boys get your money out it is tush diving time!
by Admiral Akbar April 22, 2005
name for "those types" of Kebab houses where Botulism is advertised "FREE OF CHARGE"
Welcome to Babalicious you want chilli sauce with that my drunken friend?
by Admiral Akbar April 22, 2005