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A minge inspector.
oh that poor gynocologist, he has the same problem as the pizza delivery man; they can both smell it but they can't eat it.
by Adi Redfern December 12, 2009
Gworno: a Hobo created on Hobo Wars by this guy, hes a cool guy cause he made this awesome hobo.
Wow thats a cool Gworno, i want a Gworno, can I have your Gworno?
Hey you can't my Growno, hes my Gworno, go get your own Gworno bitch!
by Adi Redfern December 11, 2009
Pobo: cross between a hobo and a pedo. so if you see a guy wearing tatty clothing and has a pedo tash, hes most probably a pobo.
Otherwise known as: Hobophile.
(man#1 walks out of oxfam)
man#2: dude, shave that pedo tash off, you look like a right pobo you do.
by Adi Redfern December 22, 2009
When (mainly males) (unless you be a tranny) are totally naked and do circle movements with their hips so that they get their genitalia swinging round and round in almost-perfect circles. This action is usually done in front of a mirror: it can be very entertaining for guys ya know.
Guy1: Dude, you know that film 'Bruno'?
Guy2: like, who doesn't?
Guy1: yeah, i love the part where he flops his cock out and starts willy wanging.
Guy2: are you bent?
by Adi Redfern December 12, 2009
A phrase used by complete tossers who think they're a babe magnet:
Guy1: ah mate, shes so FIT
Guy2: yeah mate, I would.. i'd bang her so hard
Me: ummmm no you wouldn't; you're a prick
by Adi Redfern December 12, 2009
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