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Male Homosexuality
"Oh I feel so "garfep" today, stick that oscar meyer weiner in my pooper."
by Adept June 09, 2004
Gangstas are nothin like what you see on MTV. Go around Harlem, Queensbridge, South Bronx, Bed-Stuy, Stapleton, Washington Heights, you dont see niggaz with their damn chains and all your "video hoes", you se a nigga thats reckless and not scared to bust his gun at anybody who gets in his way. Usually black or hispanic. Dont be fake with it, suburban white boys, just cause its on MTV doesnt mean thats what its like for real
Go to uptown manhattan, western queens, brooklyn, south bronx, some parts of S.I.
by Adept April 01, 2005
A dangerous place to live even though everybody wishes they lived there its fun to go there if you know enough people
Some projects in NYC are:
Queensbridge, Stapleton, Marcy, Audubon Houses, Brevoort, Lefrak, Sumner Houses, Soundview, Redhook, South Jamaica Houses
by Adept March 31, 2005
a crazy street in Corona, Queens NY
Im goin down to 37th street
by Adept April 01, 2005
A good rapper in '95, when he dropped Reasonable Doubt, then he started gettin too commercial wit his rhymes and then he juss got gay.
A few good songs by him is pretty much everything on Reasonable Doubt, he still cant touch Illmatic tho
by Adept March 25, 2005
The craziest race of people you will ever meet no lie
Im dominican so that means Im hispanic
by Adept March 31, 2005

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