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2 definitions by Adem G

A plain, simple, preferably cheap although not too cheap or it sticks to the skin roll of toilet paper cleverly hidden in one's room for usage of cleaning up one's mess proceeding a successful wanking.
"Where has internet porn been all my life?! . . . Also, where are the Jizz Tickets?. . ."
by adem g September 07, 2013
One whom has not the milk to fill one's bowl of cereal, thusly substituting beer instead.
Dude 1 : "Man, I'm freaking drunk. And hungry! I'm gonna have some cereal!"

Dude 2 : "... But dude... We're outta milk!"

Dude 1 : "Ah shit dude... WELL... there's beer!! Fuck it! I'll just have some beereal!"
by Adem G April 05, 2012