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She can be a bad influence on children.
She shows to much private parts in music videos.
person 1: hey, is Lady Gaga weird?
person 2: well, i think so, i mean she just shows to much
nasty stuff...
by Adam rox March 16, 2010
One gender making fun of the
opposite just because thats they're

Boys are normally responsible for this.
Boy: Ha! You cant climb a tree
cause your a girl!

Girl: Yes I can!

Boy: No you cant...

Girl: Uh!
You are the most sexist person ever!
by Adam rox March 16, 2010
A Disco Stick is a guy's penis...
You were just wondering that because
you heard it in the song Love Game
by Lady Gaga
1: Whats a disco stick?
2: A dude's thing
1: Oh...
2: Its gross
1: Yeah
by Adam rox April 06, 2010

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