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In computer video game terminology the mouse-finger is the dominant, or preferred, finger the video game player uses to wield their most valuable implement of destruction, i.e. the computer mouse. Without one's mouse-finger one is completely helpless.
Joe: *Crack* Damn!
Mike: Hey Joe, why the expletive?
Joe: I just broke my mouse-finger. I won't be able to finish the Unreal Tournament.
Joe: Your passing will be remembered in our myths and legends for years to come. Rest in peace.
by Adam Wayne May 13, 2005
If you're one who is familiar with the human anatomy, coxal obviously means that part of the body pertaining to the the... hip. Isn't that weird? If you are not familiar with the terms of human anatomy then you will probably be of the mistaken opinion that the term coxal refers to the male cock, or, in other words, the penis.
Mark: Coxal!
Sarah: Don't be an ignorant pig. I know that means pertaining to the hip. Wanker.
by Adam Wayne May 16, 2005
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