1 definition by Adam Vartikar

A hybrid of the popular terms Metrosexual and Bro. This, typically urban, specimen cares about his clothing, personal hygiene and grooming deeply yet he is still a Bro. He is nearly indistinguishable from his friends except for his clothes. He talks like his bros, makes the same jokes, drinks beer, and shares their mysogynist feelings about women. "Bros before 'hos, man." He is accepted just like any other Bro. (He may have more alternative friends outside his bro group but this is not discussed with the bros) One difference, which he keeps hidden, is that he often doe not like professional sports.

Often several of these specimens inhabit a group of bros at once and these metbros may pull the whole group towards things like expensive haircuts and shoes.
A conversation between a Metbrosexual and one of his Bros:
"Yo, dude. I like those loafers, especially with your tight pants, where are they from?"
"Oh, I got them at the outlet mall last weekend. Beer me."
by Adam Vartikar October 31, 2008

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