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Referring to having sex with a female.

Comes from the party term, 'to tap a keg'.. where one inserts a tap into a keg and drinks what comes out. But the user is instead tapping an ass..
"Shittt, I'd tap that ass any day of the week."
by Adam M September 22, 2004
Noun. Pertaining to being gentle but only in bed or other various makeout situations.

A more subtle yet more insecure version of the word "gentle" used while telling someone to be "gentle", but not coming across as cliche in a given romantic situation.
"Please be gentow" or "Be gentow"
by Adam M December 20, 2004
Ejaculating on four different points of a female's face - the mouth, nose, eyes, and hair.
"Fuck the three point shit, I four pointed all over that bitches face! Basketball impossible."
Reply: "Basketball impossssibblleeee! <high five>"
by adam m January 10, 2014

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