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5 definitions by Adam Dolch


To smoke some pot, especially out of a bong.
When I go phelpsing, I make sure I have nothing important to do afterwards, because I'd be too high!
by Adam Dolch February 06, 2009
Any waiter, or backwaiter that annoyingly refills your iced tea after you've only had a small amount to drink thus ruining your tea/lemon/sweetener ratios.
I hate getting stuck in Scott's section at Chili's. He's one of those tea ninjas that refills your iced tea after every sip!
by Adam Dolch March 24, 2008
Extremely aggrivated, angry, annoyed, and/or dissapointed in any given situation.

It's miffed to the 100th power.

(Often used in conjunction with variations of the word 'fuck')
"That guy just cut me off, and I'm so fucking moffed up right now!"

"I was about to break up with my girl, but she dumped me first. Moffed me the fuck up!!!"
by Adam Dolch January 26, 2006
Sexy. Texas style. Everyone knows Texas is the home of the hottest chicks in the US.
I don't know what it is, but with that cowgirl hat on, Amanda sure looks Texy!
by Adam Dolch June 01, 2007

Anyone who works with or has expertise in anything technical. Techanics, much like their sibling the 'mechanic', are placed in situations of similar power with regards to screwing you over monetarily without you even knowing.

Most of us have a techanic we go to that we can trust when we have questions about building a website, or buying a computer so when we go shopping we won't get gouged on the prices.
I went to best buy to purchase a new computer, but the techanic up there just kept trying to sell me features I didn't think I needed, and quoted me a $2999 on a new basic system!

Josh, my techanic, says Web 2.0 is overrated.
by Adam Dolch April 15, 2009