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False Metal is a genre of music coined by the media (in various forms) as "metal" that obviously has no true connection to pure metal, or any of the "evil" found in metals like the metal of death.
Sugar coated and sappy, polished and clean, with emphasis on pop like structures, a marketable image, and a general aura of NOT being "devil music".
true metal, in it's various forms (most notably pure/power metal & deathmetal) has remained unscathed by the passing trends of various false metals, and will continue to thrive via integrity, devotion, passion and sincerity not found in any false metal acts!
in the 80's it was bands like Poison and Warrant
in the 90's it was Limp Bisquit, Korn, and Coal Chamber
in the 00's it was all of those "metalcore" and "screamo" bands.

who knows what pitiful False Metal trend is next?
by Adam Conrad September 03, 2006

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