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4 definitions by Adam Combs

(adj.) Curvatious woman , that tickles the fancy of any PLAYA

A car filled with men at the mall drives by a group of girls.
Man 1 : Oooooo
Man2: DAMN!
Man3: (in an operatic voice) SKALANKADANK!!!!!
by Adam Combs June 19, 2004
A term used by a named Luke Browlman used to simulate the noise of a nearby wing animal, usually followed by the statment " Must be that dang bird?!"
Tweet Tweet , Must be that dang bird!
by Adam Combs March 23, 2004
A true playboy , 22's fo life , any bitch stepp he be ready to click dem bitches. Jus a nigga playin the game and choppin like a fencer on bags. YEAHHHHHHHHHHH , OOOOOKAYYYYYYYYYYYY thats the shout out for all u playin hatin chapelle wannabees. True nigga fo life.
Red light: 2 niggas roll to the white line , one be drivin a taurus on spinner hubs , pimp be rollin on 22'z , dez fools be like man who dis nigga be and while his rims be blindin they know its dat RAYHIZZLE.
by Adam Combs December 11, 2004
(ADJ)The ultimate in stupid , lame, boring and all around gay.
Man dat queer eye show be bostunk Yo!
by Adam Combs March 23, 2004