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In business management, micromanagement is an example of poor management where the manager over-manages people unnecessarily. Instead of giving people general instructions and then allowing them to do their job, the micromanager monitors and assesses every step. The manager may be motivated by concern for details. The effect, however, may be to de-motivate employees and create resentment.- en.wikipedia.org
“Finally, this supervisor is holding himself back. By continuing to micromanage his staff, he is insuring that they don't develop. If there is no one to replace the superintendent, then he, in turn, cannot advance. Some people mistakenly think that, by not developing their subordinates, they are maintaining job security for themselves. In fact, what they're doing is hurting the company.” -www.sideroad.com
by Adam Carlton May 04, 2005
The term essentially means to supervise every small step in the workflow process -- hence the 'micro.' In today's workplace, micromanaging is responsible for many bad bottom lines, poor performances and bankruptcies.-www.dealconsulting.com
Tim Burgin-he is insuring that they don't develop. In fact, what he doing is hurting the company.
by Adam Carlton May 04, 2005

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