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9 grown men that wear cheezy halloween costumes and scream about how much they hate everything. they use the costumes to compensate for their lack of talent, and they use 3 drummers so each one only has to play one note at a time. they dont know how to play their guitars, so they just turn the distortion up high enough so nobody notices. the musical equivalent of a big budget hollywood horror movie that uses too much special effects and gore. their lyrics are mostly about pointless aggression towards everything, and for some reason, they seem to love satan and anything labeled "evil"
slipknot fan: dude, like, slipknot is like the fucking bomb, you fucking dork face! why do you hate them, huh, idiot loser? i hate you! go to hell!

me: im not quite sure why youre screaming at me, because all i told you that i dont like slipknot. i see their lyrics have rubbed off on you.

slipknot fan's mom: son, get in the mercedes, we need to get to nordstrom to buy you a polo shirt!
by actual musician February 22, 2005
General "loser-for-life" who is a legend in his own mind. Attempts to gain popularity through high-school-like ways such as:
1) "Making up" rap music using shitty equipment, a half-ass beatbox, and adding non-sensical words.
2) Lying to potential friends about his "successes" in music (see 1), when in reality, he never had any good original material & simply stole from others.
3) Dresses up in his choice of 'fancy' clothes such as Phat Farm & Johnny Blaze so his looks like a 'thug'; his parents still pay for all of it, but he still look stupid anyways.

Beyond dressing for the part, has also been known to act like a thug, but actually is just a lil mama's boy. Opposite of wigger. To date, has had no friends due to his superficiality.
by Actual Musician March 19, 2003
Taking a dump after a long day feels just as good as having a rolaids after heartburn.
by Actual Musician March 19, 2003

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