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A hyperlink to a website typed in by an instant messenger chat member while chatting because he/she is too lazy to actually open up a browser, type in the url, and click enter.

This phrase was first coined by Acid Burnz because too many of his msn contacts asked him why he typed random url's into the chat menu. He replied with a succinct: <<It's a LL>>. But noone ever understood. So he had to give it's true definition and hope that all chatters will oneday follow suit
Evan: hey Karan, check out what's on urbandictionary

Karan: orly?
Karan: www.urbandictionary.com

Evan: WTF? Dude, i already know teh url, duh...

Karan: man, haven't you heard? it's a lazy link

Evan: uh, what's that

Karan: never mind, i'll make an entry on urbandictionary

Evan: sweet!
by Acid Burnz February 22, 2006

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