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2 definitions by Achilles M. Peklaris

Someone who may had become totally broke, jobless and starving but still remains eclectic with food and obsessed with gourmet (parmesan / caviar / salmon / champagne etc.) which eventually is the only thing you'll surely find in her/his almost empty fridge.
- Laura is totally broke and jobless but she's still spending on bullshit! Yesterday she spent her last money on parmesan!

- Gotcha, she's parmesan poor...
by Achilles M. Peklaris July 25, 2012
The chirping-like noise produced through speakers when you're about to receive a phone call at your cellphone or you're in the "searching for networks" thing and you're standing next to a sound source such as a radio, a hi-fi, your PC's speakers etc.
- Oops, cellphone chirping I hear...
- It must be mine, I left it near the speaker over there...

- Aw man move yer cellpone away of my desk, it's chirping!

- Yeah but no phone call coming in, it's just trying to catch signal.
by Achilles M. Peklaris March 23, 2011