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Michigan State University. Found on the banks of the Red Cedar River in beautiful East Lansing, MI. Supporting a student population of over 45,000 it is the State of Michigan's largest academic institution.

Michigan State was Founded in 1855 after the passage of the Morill Act (providing free parcels of land for new public institutions). MSU was the first university to come into existence this way and is referred to as the "pioneer land-grant institution."

Known for its Division 1A sports teams, many top rated programs, and largest dormatory capacity in the nation, East Lansing can always be found on lists of America's best towns to live in for 18-24 year olds and lists of the nation's prettiest campuses.
Wow, I've never seen a campus as beautiful as Michigan State.
by Academic Type January 13, 2005
To be fired from a job.
I worked for those fudgepackers for 10 years and they STILL shit-canned me!
by Academic Type January 23, 2005
1) (Latin name: Gulo Gulo)A member of the weasel family, commonly called a skunkbear. Typically scavengers and will feed on whatever is available. Note: Wolverines have never lived in Michigan.

2) A (completely hypothetical) mascot for the University of Michigan. Hypothetical in the sense that no pictures/costumes of this mascot exist and are currently used.

3) A member of "X-men" with sharp steel blades coming from the knuckles on both hands.
1) That's one ugly wolverine!

2) scUM student: Isn't our mascot that corn and blue 'M?'

3) Ah Shit! Wolverine's here!
by Academic Type January 13, 2005
The imaginary fraternity that members of the Spartan Marching Band say they are apart of.
Sweet, you're a sigma mu beta girl eh? Where's your house?

I live on Demonstration Field.
by Academic Type January 23, 2005
The collection of dorms at MSU known as "Brody Complex." Since these dorms are run down they are referred to as "the projects."

Brody + Projects = Brojects
Shit, they stuck me in Bailey Hall again. Looks like I'm living in the Brojects!
by Academic Type January 23, 2005
Spartan Marching Band
Damn, the SMB looks and sounds GREAT today! Must be another crisp fall Saturday afternoon!
by Academic Type January 23, 2005
Short for mellophone.
Spar-tan Mel-los Brass Playing War Machines, Trained To Fight, Trained To Kill, Trained To Die But Never Will!!
by Academic Type January 23, 2005
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