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When one has an unexpected disaster that makes one feel as if they just got "fucked in my ass." Usually financial in nature, but always a major catastrophe.
"When the transmission went out on my car, I declared it a F.I.M.A. disaster. It cost me over $2,000!"
by Absolut Ang January 27, 2009
To smear cat poop on an enemy's car door handle when they have done something mean to you.
"Hey Brendon, our stupid hippie neighbors parked in my spot again so I totally pulled a Tidy Cat on them. They'll be washing their hands for weeks!"
by Absolut Ang July 28, 2011
When you don't recognize a place in the daytime because you've only been there at night, drunk.
"Brendon and I drove down Main Street looking for my car the next morning and we couldn't find it because we didn't recognize anything since we've only been there at night when we were hammered. Total case of Daytardedness"
by Absolut Ang April 13, 2010
A crazy white person, can be male or female, who is completely bat shit crazy. To recognize a female Nut Cracker please note the following description: They have loud, abrasive voices, smeared eye makeup from crying and broken cell phones from fights with their significant others (usually a male Nut Cracker). They may also have what is commonly referred to as a "tramp stamp" on their lower back with their significant other's name as the design.

The male Nut Cracker can be more elusive and harder to find. He can usually be spotted fist-pumping his way through blaring techno at the "hottest" club while screaming at his girlfriend on his brand-new Iphone. Although hard to identify, listen closely for telling sounds such as "I told you I was busy, you crazy bitch!" or "You're a whore, you crazy bitch!" He is usually communicating with a female Nut Cracker.

Both types are considered dangerous and normal people should proceed with caution.
That chick you were with last night? Total Nut Cracker. Did you see her throw her cell phone at her boyfriend because he was talking to the female bartender? Freaking CRAZY!
by Absolut Ang August 03, 2010
Any person who cannot, no matter how hard they try, get the hang of using a Wii.
"Sally's such a wii-tard, she can't even do the will bowl without f*cking up and hitting the A button everytime!"
by Absolut Ang March 12, 2009
1.When someone you know starts behaving erratically like they are on massive amounts of drugs or alcohol.

2. When someone develops a superiority complex.
1. "Hey Bob, stop Sheening out on me..you're killing my buzz over here with your mood swings."

2. "Bob completely Sheened out on my "99 Pinto when I pulled up. What an asshat."
by Absolut Ang March 02, 2011
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