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For guys:
When she tells you that you aren't like other guys (or that you don't count).

That you're nicer, sweeter, more caring. You don't judge and aren't gross and perverted.
And that you are on a different wave length.
But, she would never consider dating you.
When she says, "You're not a guy, but you're still a boy. A boy is a boy. A guy is a boy who I'd date"
It is the worst thing to do to a guy.

The next level is brotherzoned
1."You're not a guy, but you're boy. A boy is a boy. A guy is a boy who I'd date"

*So I'm being friendzoned?*

2."You're like my brother"

*So worse than friendzoned?!*

3."Yeah, you're friendzoned. You're great, but I'd never date you"
by Abbé Busoni April 13, 2013
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