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1. A blood sucking beast that is impossibly difficult to photograph or find, dead or alive. Believed to be of Puerto Rican origins but most recently has been spotted in the Texican area.
2. Shot in tribute to the blood sucking beast containing jager(deer blood), bacardi razz (for the puerto rican side of things), grenadine (to make it blood red), and splash of lime.
Skunk Ape: Hey Albert, what's that one thing called, you know, people always say look out for what's his face, he's a bad ass that'll rip your face off of your face, slice up your insides, and kill you three times before you die?
Yeti: Oh, that's the Chupa Cabra, yea, that foo doesn't play around.
Skunk Ape: Word...
by Aaronology May 07, 2010

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