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The Creft is the foamy head on a pint of beer. Commonly, this is used in conjunction with the word "beshockle" which refers to the act of blowing creft from your pint onto someone.
That fucker beshockled me with creft
by Aaron Walker October 28, 2004
Bladezo was a mythical character from the streets of East Belfast who supposedly threatened to "Meet ye wi'ya Blade" if you were in his debt.

The word is now used to describe anyone violent who dresses strictly in compliance with current "Street Fashion"
"Aul Bladezo, Bladeyman"
by Aaron Walker October 28, 2004
The word Stovis has no specific meaning but is often attached to the end of a statement, to which it has seemingly very little or no relevance, as a means of exagerating the importance of the point. Ocassionally "Pure Stovis" will be used in cases where the point should be taken seriously or is of particular interest.
I caved his head in, pure stovis.
by Aaron Walker October 28, 2004
A phrase which was coined by a well known Belfast shoplifter on a train to Bangor. He called his wife, who was carrying nine aged plastic bags each containing a single sheet of paper, a "Clownhead Ballroot". Presumably the term Clownhead refers to someone who's head resembles that of a clown. Given the womans deshevled appearence, gaunt features and howling, it appears to have been an accurate description.
Look at the fucking hack of you with them plastic bags, you're fucking mad you clownhead ballroot.
by Aaron Walker September 22, 2005
Lodgestovis was a word born on a cold Belfast morning many years ago. The phrase was coined by a chap who flicked a wasp with the index finger of his right hand yet was puzzled to discover that the insect recovered.

The comparison drawn was that the impact endured by the wasp would be comparable to that of a human recieving 200mph blow to the head from the nearby Travelodge hotel.

The phrase is now used to describe anything of immense impact.

The word "Stovis" was derived from this word.
"Thon' credit card bill hit me for six, pure lodgestovis"
by Aaron Walker September 20, 2006
This word is an Ulsterism, a colloquial word used almost exclusively by either old people or spides in Northen Ireland.

It is thought it originates from "Queer" which, when used in Ulster Scots refers to something unussually good.

Quare is often used in conjunction with "Geg" which, means a joke or something funny.
"Ahh Fuck mate, thon's a quare geg"
by Aaron Walker October 28, 2004

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