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43 definitions by Aaron W.

Interjection; used when hurt, surprised or confused. Usually used in British English

see oie
Oy! My computer just exploded cause I recieved a virus from lookin up the word "Oy"!
by Aaron W. March 22, 2003
3 17
stands for "screen name" in instant messaging talk
Guy 1:"I got a spiffy new scrnm!"
Guy 2:"What?"
by Aaron W. February 20, 2003
2 17
To cross/place your arms on your hips.
When Mom got mad, she looked at me sternly with her arms akimbo.
by Aaron W. December 03, 2002
34 49
Said when you make a mistake.
see Shoot, dang, and darn
Shucks, I missed the bus.
by Aaron W. December 06, 2002
178 195
another form of click (IM Language)
Clik Clik Clikity Clik Clik!!!!
by Aaron W. February 20, 2003
4 57
see scrnm
none needed
by Aaron W. February 20, 2003
14 84
(adj) stupid, or of low quality
see corny
That book is really cheesy
by Aaron W. December 05, 2002
65 179