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10 definitions by Aaron Steven Burns

One who twiches at the thought of attending different schools.
Possibly Multiple Schools in one single day.
I attend High School then I go to College, part time, to learn my basics.
A total twitch fest over my Multiple-Schoolosis.
by Aaron Steven Burns October 08, 2010
1 4
An actual grocery chain (Haggen Foods) that cares more about the merchandise than the customers.
Haggen equals Pagan.
A Store that believes that if you acidentally do damage too a still usable and saleable item you must pay for it.
Break it and you bought it. Haggen Foods equals Pagan Foods.
by Aaron Steven Burns October 05, 2010
1 4
A Tramp who sluts around for money, free rides, a place to stay over night; Etc.
I met a Trampire who wanted to sleep with me for a ride to 7/11.
by Aaron Steven Burns October 07, 2010
10 25