22 definitions by Aaron Steven Burns

A guy whose Penis literally shrinks to all sexual turn offs.
I Midgeteer at the sight of two guys kissing! Yuk!
by AARON STEVEN BURNS November 13, 2010
One who twiches at the thought of attending different schools.
Possibly Multiple Schools in one single day.
I attend High School then I go to College, part time, to learn my basics.
A total twitch fest over my Multiple-Schoolosis.
by AARON STEVEN BURNS October 08, 2010
An actual grocery chain (Haggen Foods) that cares more about the merchandise than the customers.
Haggen equals Pagan.
A Store that believes that if you acidentally do damage too a still usable and saleable item you must pay for it.
Break it and you bought it. Haggen Foods equals Pagan Foods.
by AARON STEVEN BURNS October 05, 2010
A full dose of every drug in existence. Party pipes and Raves as well as sampling your own and other's Drugs to sell.
I can't get high since my tolerance has been All-of-it-tized. An absolute Everything.
by AARON STEVEN BURNS March 11, 2015
Wanking-off to Explicit Manga or Anime.
Dirty Cartoons are for kids or perverts Mickey Mouseterbating.
by AARON STEVEN BURNS January 11, 2015
Asses Everywhere.
The Year of the Rear had Asses Everywhere.
by AARON STEVEN BURNS December 31, 2014
A bottle of Gatorade and a Retard.
If your Physically Challenged (Retarded) and need a wheel chair then you drink the Gatorade and use the bottle too Pee in. Retard-ade helps when your on the go.
by AARON STEVEN BURNS December 28, 2014

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