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a small latex cap, resembling a condom, that unrolls over the tip of a caulk tube to prevent it from drying up; also known as a Red Cap
Dammit! Pauly forgot to put a monkey rubber on that expensive tube of elastomeric caulk and now it's gone to shit!
by ATown Social Experiment July 10, 2008
a crack pipe, usually a 4" glass tube sold in urban convenience stores as a novelty gift.
Tyrone: You got the rock?
Tyrese: Yeah, you got a jump off on you?
by Atown Social Experiment March 17, 2008
Allentown, Pennsylvania; 3rd largest city in Pa. with a population of about 150,000 (white, hispanic, african-american & asian)
Yo, lez hop in dah ride and cruise up to ATown to check out dem hot street walking bitches on Linden Street!
by ATown Social Experiment May 22, 2008

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