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Fillates: A word commonly known and used in the drug ring. Most used by heroine smokers and or crack smokers. Fillates is the tube and or pipe used for smoking your preferred drug.

Fillates is not only limited to being a tube/pipe although those are the most common terms for Fillates. Many other tools in the cylindar shape form can also be deemed as a fillates when used in the act of smoking drugs. Things like a post it note

rolled into a cylindar, or a pen that has been emptied and cut at both ends can aslo be a fillates.
i.e: "hey Jimbo bro, pass the fillates so i can hit this H!"
i.e2: Andy man, I just bought us some dank ookie, let's smoke it! do you have the fillates and lighter?
by AP Filthy McNasty November 15, 2011

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