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A filipino is someone who originates from the Philippines.
Theyre basically, a huge mix of Asian with Spanish. Most don't have chinky eyes, most are big, and very pretty. Filipinos are VERYVERYVERY family oriented. (i'm gonna start saying 'we' cause i'm filipino.) we have a family party for EVERYONES birthday, and everyone always comes. aunts. uncles. cousins. second cousins.
Filipinos usually have Med-sized houses - small, but boy, if you take a look at their bank accounts, we probably have more than you. Filipinas are most likely Registered Nurses! We're NOTNOTNOT lazy. and person who said we type from 10-20 wpm, i type at 122 WPM, so bettch, please.
We like our rice. Rice is our best friend.
We DONT eat with chopsticks. We either eat with our bare hands, or use a combination with a spoon and fork. If you're a right hand, put the spoon in your right hand. put it facing sideways on your plate, so the scoop side is facing you, not up. down, or the other way. use your fork, to push whatevers in front of it, onto the spoon.
We have really good foods, as people ALWAYS tell me.
We're known for our fricken LOUDNESS. we're loud, its great. i dont wanna have a family who's fricken quiet as hell. whats the fun in that.
We buy whatever we want. if we like it, we buy it. who cares about the price. Not all filipinos are short, dumbbbassssseeeeeesss. i'm 5'7. sure most are short. but. there are alot of tall ones too. filipinas are usually pretty, and filipino boys are... okay. i guess. Filipino girls want a white or dominiican, or otherspanish husbands, just to have a caramel colored baby, but we marry who we fall in love with.
BAD- many parents, or... like. 30 and above people from the philippines are racist. this is what i hate.
GOOD- we're outgoing, and dont give a sh*t on what everyone thinks.
some have big lips, some have med-sized.
known as Asians, or pacific islanders.
some are religious.... veeerrryyy.
I dont know bout the rest, but i lovee guys who're mixed (:
watch TFC 24/7 , and let me tell you. ITS ANNOYING.
we're not annoying, you're just whiny, and needs to go out more.
If you're shopping at themall, or wherever, if your mom is all the way on the other side, she will scream "(YOUR NAME) OBER HURR"
we have big butts. props to spanishhh c(:
we hate when people steal our parking spaces.
clearly, the nicest people you'll meet. . . and the bi**hiests.
oh and... yea, our house is not the biggest thing, but you would see us with coach purses, laccoste (WE ADORE LACCOSTE) hollister. dooney and burke. oh and. yeah, we have ALOT oof money. like my mom, she keeps 1000 dollars in case of emergency in her pocket, or purse, or whatever. and she sometimes goes into the mall to spend it because its an 'emergency' . . so she stocks up again.
ay, arr yuh pinished wit your pood ? go eat some more. we hab plenty. , oy, sandok some rice por us please. tanks.

okay okay let me get a pictoore ob yuh under dat tree.

how old ar yuh turning? tree? por? pive? six?

can yuh pass me a purr?

did yuh just part/furt?

boy: oh yess, that girls got back. she bangin"
boy#2: dayumm, your right.
Passing by boy#3: yeah. shes deffinately filipino.
by ANON. starts with a J April 13, 2008

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