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Vulgar french word meaning to fuck (as in sexual intercourse).
Can also mean to kiss, in which case it is usually used as a noun (ex: faire un baiser à quelqu'un).
Je vais baiser ta mère la pute! (I'm going to fuck your whore of a mother).

Baise-moi, saloppe! (Fuck with me, bitch)

Le soldat fît un dernier baiser à sa femme avant d'aller se faire exploser la geule à la guerre. (The soldier gave a last kiss to his wife before going to get his head blown off at war
New Zealand shit hole, situated in southern Auckland, home to a huge unemployed, overweight, lazy and unclean population of faggots, otherwise known as maoris. If it weren't for the illegality of marijuana, which is the only reason a non-maori would ever come here, the 40% population of dealers would be out of work, at the same time as cheating the government into unfair dolls.
Jo Blo: "What is this unsanitary stench around this shopping center?"

His mate: "We're in Otara, you sound surprised it stinks. Oh! Look! There's an unemployed maori peeing on the side of that shop!"

Jo Blo: "Oh yes! How could I not notice the graffiti everywhere, the unruly youthes pointlessly standing on street corners looking dangerous, the crappy half burnt out but still being used cars, and not to mention the uncut lawns and rubbish in every front yard".

His Mate: "Oh we're fucked! A group of moari 16 year olds is coming at us. Let's just hope all they want is us to give them a few cigarettes!"

Jo blo: "I just hope they aren't going to cannibalize us like they did the mori-oris!
Oh fuck, they have knives!"

Maori asshole 1: "Hey bro, yo gotta light?"

Maori asshole 2: (turns the music on his stolen phone up really loud to be anti-social and annoy everyone)

Jo blo: "Sorry, I don't smoke"

Maori asshole 1:"Watcha mean yo don't smoke??!! Yo fuckin wit me and me cuzziebros??!!"

Jo blo: Sorry I don't smok.....

Innocent man gets stabbed, a another murder is added to the long list of NZ murders.

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