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Andyroo, who is not a real person in any way whatsoever, comes from a great movie called "Genital Hospital". It is a very popular pornographic film, though it is illegal in all continents except Africa, and some parts of Asia. He is based on a person by the name Andrew Li, who in real life is a prostitute who goes from door to door begging for donuts. He weighs 308 pounds and is known for having the record of using the most dildos at one time. He can often be found playing in your local sandbox making castles, and at Sector 7g with his secret gay lover Dayvey. He loves to hardcore dance and be a complete douche. Currently he lives in the future with 3 pet kitties and his foxy friend Amber. Of all the music in his 20 song collection, his favorite band would have to be the Backstreet Boys. Another thing Andrew likes to do in his spare time is touch little boys, and collect action figures. He lived with his mom until the age of 72, when she died of the herpes he gave her. Luckily Ambers cool enough to take him and his cats in ;D But now all the cats are dead because Amber's Pomeranian Kisses ate them. They will be missed. But not really because dogs are ten times cuter ^__^!! Anyways, back to Andjew. He is really bad at skateboarding and cant play the guitar, they are not his hobbies at all. And of all things he hates, Billy Talent would be on the top of the list. The band once wrote him a letter that said "Dear Andrew11822, We hate you and think your a total creep, don't ever send us candy and roses again." After that he tried to kill himself with a pencil sharpener, but he couldn't figure out how to use it because hes never had to use a pencil before, not even at school because he is uneducated. And thats pretty much it for the life of Dandy little Andy, he's such a low life loser there really isn't much more to say.
But we all love him anyway, and that totally rhymes :3
Andyroo also hearts William Beckett.
by ALEXX CHARNEY March 30, 2008

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