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A person who's personality is so incredibly overwhelming, he shakes the earth whenever and wherever he walks. The science behind how any non-physical substance can shake the very earth is unclear. His urine is made of awesomeness. That handsome face makes everyone tremble, and only those of strong hearts can resist urinating all over themselves for the next 48 hours. Some say he is Jesus reincarnated. Others believe he is god's other, superior son. Others still believe he is simply God. coolest person to ever exist in the history of the universe... this kid will blind you with the sheer power of his awesomeness... you will drown in the epic win that is this guy.... you will go into a permanent coma if you ever saw the true extent of that guys awesomeness... he is the smartest, funnniest, coolest, most awesome, most muscular person anybody has ever known. your mind will explode with even a glimpse of the endless shiny power that is this guy.
I saw an Alec walking down the street. I can't stop urinating all over my weak body.
by ALECDARE August 12, 2009

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