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an organisation against eating animals, animal cruelty, eating fish, drinking milk, eating eggs, eating honey, and japan lol, they seriously piss me off. just like scientology. peta protesters would rather go to jail for ruiening public and council property for no point than eat honey on toast!, they'd rather watch their family die than eat meat, and would rather watch everyone die than surrender these people have no morals and they promote anorexia and help pro anorexia websites, they will make a website against any designer that uses fur in their collection and in a matter of a hour after making the website. they will go to the designers house. and torch everything and graffiti the pavements to try and prove a point, people are going to still eat meat until the world ends. eating meat is not wrong neither is drinking milk and wearing leather. peta should read the bible, god gave us animals to eat. how else are we meant to survive. peta protesters are f**king insaine and need to die before we all get killed for eating whatever we like, if peta takes over the world we'll be eating dirt for the rest of our life while the animals get caviar
TOM-"did you see her collection",
BOB-"yes, a peta protester poured paint all over it"
TOM-"these people are f**king nuts"
by AGAINST PETA FOR LYF April 12, 2008

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