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Blind Courtesy Copy...This is an option with email so when you want to add an individual to the email that's being sent out, but you don't want individuals in the TO: or CC: blocks to know about it...Pretty sneaky...When you send an email, everyone in the TO: or CC: blocks that receives the email can look at all the other recepients who received the email in the TO: and CC: blocks, except the BCC: block is hidden, hence, it's blind to them and are oblivous to it...
You send an email to a subordinate or co-worker that instructs them to help or to complete a task. You BCC: other supervisors so they know of it...The subordinate or co-worker doesn't know you also sent the email to other supervisors...This prevents conflict by individuals not felling like they are being put under a microscope or feeling that you are pressuring them to do the task by announcing it to the other supervisors...However, If the subordinate or co-worker ever deny you instructed them to do the task, they won't have a leg to stand on because the other supervisors will know...Anytime you want to send an email out to people and want to also add another individual to the email, but it feels like bad form to do so and may ruffle some feathers...Use the BCC: and they won't know...It covers your back and also gives the impression of trust to your subordinates or co-workers...
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by AF guy August 28, 2009
Courtesy Copy...The additional people you want to add to an email that aren't the directly intended audience are input into the CC block of an email...It's courtesy to include them so they know what's going on to keep them in the loop...Many times this is used as a means of managers in an organization so they know all facets of what's going on.
Your boss asks you to do a project...Part of your project involves soliciting other individuals for information in order to complete the project...You CC your boss on the emails so he can see the progress you are making and will know in case your boss' supervisor asks him about the project status...Usually tasks come from the top...No boss wants to look bad by not having an answer or a leg to stand on...It's also a way of managers knowing you're completing a task they assigned you or that you are at least attempting to...
#copy #carbon copy #forward copy #additional copy #blind courtesy copy
by AF guy August 28, 2009
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