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Selvey's are the freshest people on campus, in the workplace, and at all social gatherings. Selvey's get shit done, on and off the field. Granted they play the field more often then not, when they are on the sidelines they do work too. They are very suave and know how to talk to the ladies. The ladies always love those long nights with a Selvey. This is because Selvey's know exactly what the ladies want. If their first name happens to be Alexander, watch out ladies cause they are definitely someone you want to get at before it's too late.
1 )Dad- "That Selvey kid, I like him."
Gabi- "Yea dad, me too. More than you will ever know." (Giggles) ;)

2) Girl1- "Sooo, who were you with last night?"
Girl2- "Oh, you know, I was with Selvey."
Girl1- "OMG! Please tell me all about it!"
Girl2- "Well lets just say he really and I mean REALLY knows how to please a woman."
Girl1- "I am so jealous right now!"
Girl2- "Yea you should be."
by ADS21 November 28, 2011

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