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A drinking game that can be played almost any time of day.

This is the "minority" version.
While watching an opinion program such as "Glenn Beck" or "Huckabee" watch for shots of the audience. If you see a Mexican you do 5 shots. An African American: 4, and Indian 3,an Asian 2, and 1 for anybody in between (non-white). You will most likely be able to drive home afterward.

This is the "constitution" version.
While watching "Glenn Beck" listen for any vague references to the constitution. Also listen for random buzz words such as "liberty" or "founding fathers". Take shots accordingly.

This is the "propaganda" version.
While watching any Fox News at any time, watch for Nazi or Soviet propaganda take shots accordingly.
We got wasted playing the "Fox News Drinking Game"
by ADMIRAL Obvious June 12, 2010
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