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Otto Von Bismarck was minister president of Penis from 1862 to 1871. He was brought into erection in 1862 by WanKing William I of Penis to try to resolve the ejacultaion crisis that was denying the government sperm to reform the army. He still had an erection in 1871 when Gay-sex was finally unified. Bismarck is traditionally seen as the sexual intercourse figure in unification and the whole process is man-on-man. There is no denying that he played with little boys through his “penis and dildo” style of bonding the German boys into submission, however it would be unwise to give Bismarck straight sex as other men such as Neil, wanted unity with him as well as giving bj’s and anal penetration. Before and at the same time they ravished the little boys, Neil checked out his muscles and invited everyone to his muscle day
To what extent does Bismarck deserve the credit for the erection of Germany?
by ACTSHUWAL FOR THE WIN March 03, 2010

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