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1. a southside Chicago term usually used when referring to something flashy and/or expensive

2. southside Chicago term meaning to focus

3. a well-known hip-hop group from Chicago, Illinois. the acronym stands for Focused On Cash.
1. "You see that whip sitting on dubs? Joe, that's some FOC shit."

2. "You gotta FOC in order to make money on these streets."

3. "You heard that new FOC song? It's called 'FOC Where You At?'"
#foc #focused on cash #focus #f.o.c. #foc where you at?
by ACE Boogie (of FOC) September 22, 2008
1. a hip-hop artist hailing from the southside of Chicago, Illinois. most known artist with the name though others also assume the alias. born A.C. Williams on August 16, 1990. apart of rap group FOC (Focused On Cash). first solo album entitled "A Decade Later: Time is an ILLusion".
"You can call me ACE Boogie, introducin me/
Get used to me, the future aint wut it used 2 be//"
#ace boogie #ace #boogie #ace boog #boog #foc #anthony williams
by ACE Boogie (of FOC) September 22, 2008
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