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The way humans reproduce.
After the party, Maria and Jake decided to go back to Jake's house. He wanted to show her his new jacuzzi. When they arrived, Jake led her out to the backyard and turned it on. "Let's try it out," Maria said. "sure," Jake said. they got into their bathing suits and slowly got into the whirling, hot, bubbly pool. Before they really knew what was happening, Jake came over to Maria and stared kissing her. she didn't refuse, and kissed him back.
They loved feeling each others mouths and being in the hot water. jake started massaging maria's breasts while they kissed. she took off her bikini top and let him squeeze them some more.
they did this for a while, and as they got more turned on it became more passionate and hot. jake pulled off his swim trunks and threw them out of the jacuzzi. maria let him remove her bikini bottom and then she started giving him an underwater handjob. he got really hard really fast. he took his dick and shoved it into her pussy.
he nailed her hard and fast, loving how it felt to be inside her. she started to feel the pleasure building up deep within her. "Oh, Jake. Ahhhh, oooohhhh. Harder, ooohhh. Aaaahhhh, oh, go faster, faster! Ohhhh, Jake, ooohh! Don't stop baby! Ooooohhhhh! Ahhh! Harder! Oh!" maria moaned and screamed as he penetrated her again and again. he finally hit her g-spot and she came harder than she'd ever come before. the orgasm rocked her body for three whole minutes. her screams and pulsing vagina along with the hot water and the bubbles made Jake cum into her.
he pulled out and they caught their breath.

Now that's what I call sex!
by ABCdefg.....hello! December 29, 2007
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