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The proper name for the stupid ass pop band one direction
Mrs. Smookoms- oh my god one direction is so awesome
Tina- oh my gawwwd they are soo hawt
Mrs. Skidmarks- "baby you light up my world like no body else"
Ronnie Radke okay every one shut the fuck up about one erection will you
M Shadows yeah they suck and their all fags!
Tom DeLonge exactly, i fucking hate one direction!
Mark Hoppus they are almost as gay as Justin Bieber
by A7xFalling In ReverseA7xBlink February 12, 2013
The act of two girls having sex with a dinosaur
Cindy- i want your dinosaur cock
Amber- yeah gerorge fuck me
George The Dinosaur- rawr
Amber- oh yeah It turns me on when you rawr. Lets do two girls one dinosaur
Cindy-mmmmm,great idea
by A7xFalling In ReverseA7xBlink February 11, 2013

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