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It is a Town in Suffolk County, NY. It is located in the western part of Suffolk County on the South Shore. You can't miss it on a map unless you have a piece of shit of a map. It was founded in 1683. It was originally called Penataquit and Mechanicsville. Sometime in the mid-1800's it became "Bay Shore" because of the tourism industry.

It 62 % White, 20% Hispanic and 18% Black/African-American.

Note: It is a Hamlet of the "Town Of Islip".
With its diverse demographics. It has the most diverse school system ever. Both economically and ethnically.
by A.P Marauder May 09, 2005
State-sponsered bullshit
OR Examples:

Nazi Posters in the 30' and fourties
Communist tactics during Cold War
by A.P Marauder May 25, 2005
A word used to oppress working class Caucasians or Whites who are unusually tolerant towards minorities.
It is basically a derogoratory term misused up North, but appropiate for a lot of Whites in the South. Overall it is a horrible term because it says if you look poor or are tolerant towards minorities then you are therefore "Trash". It makes one wonder if America really has a racial hierarchy.
"He opened that door for that Black Man,Oh my God, He's White Trash".
by A.P Marauder May 19, 2005

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