3 definitions by A.O. is a homo

1. a homosexual, a man who likes it in the ass.... deep in the ass
1. a cowboy who walks bowlegged for a questionable reason
1. Fred: "did u see that guy?! the one with the lime-green shorts?!"
Todd: "yea man, total brokebacker"
2. John: "Howdy!"
Fred: "John,I've noticed you've been walking bowlegged... are you one of them brokebackers?"

by A.O. is a homo February 05, 2008
1.A homosexual who is over the top flaming homosexual, an intensely homosexual person, one who is so gay that hard core is the only description that fits
"dude did you see that guy he was so Gay"
"ya man, that guy is hard core"
"Ha! yea a hard core FAGGOT!"
by A.O. is a homo February 06, 2008
a homosexual's alternative to the expression "damn straight" meaning "definitely" "correct" or "fo sho"
Gay: "I've heard many offensive expressions in my lifetime but none as bad as 'damn straight' it's just annother way to bring the gay man down"
Straight: "ummm will you suggest an alternative?"
Gay: "how about...... damn gay!"
by A.O. is a homo February 05, 2008

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