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The current phenomenon of Facebook users tagging 20+ friends in a picture full of quirky characters. After being constantly tagged by your friends, the never ending cycle of tag notifications can get very annoying.
When will this Facebook Tagfest end?!
by A. Hall March 07, 2009
When a (preferably hot) chick sits down on a bench, chair, etc. and her thong or g-string can be seen above the top of her jeans.
David: Woah, that chick has high tide.

Jeremy: Yeah, dude it's so freakin' hott.
by A. Hall March 11, 2009
The clingy smell of the food from Chipotle that clings to your fingers after eating a delicious entree from the Chipotle menu.
Wow, I can't believe I just ate the WHOLE burrito. Now I've got a bad case of Chipotle Fingers.
by A. Hall January 29, 2010
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