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Not calling someone and threatening them but the worry you feel over getting called in to work whenever the phones rings on your day off.

While this usually only applies to part time workers, it can also apply to full time workers when called in to work overtime.

Sometimes it gets so bad that:

* You're afraid to pick up the phone and/or will screen all calls (and will be very thankfull for caller ID)

* You'll be unable to sleep in at all because you cannot relax because they might call.

* You'll be afraid to make plans of any kind because you might get called in. (ie, it's your birthday or a relatives birthday and you have the day off and want to take them out for supper, but are afraid to plan beyond 'if I don't get called in maybe we could' because you cannot count on actually having the day off)

* You cannot relax even in hobbies that used to give you great joy because the worry you're going to get called in.

Depending on the nature of the hours you work, after a certain time durring the day you can probably relax as a call in is unlikley after that point. However, if they can also call in you in to work a night shift, it can continue all day :(.
Sorry man, I just can't relax because of the call in threat.
by A very happy person July 16, 2005
When your job calls on your day off and asks you to come in.

Some places are so short handed that their employees are getting called in all of the time. When one works for such an employer, eventually it gets to the point where one cannot relax even on a day off because of the call in threat.
Man, it's nice to have a job and all but I'm always getting called in. I can't sleep properly, plan or do anything because for all I know they're going to call me in at any time.
by A very happy person July 16, 2005

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