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1 definition by A shy man

By far, the worst possible trait for any male interested in any kind of intimate relationship with females. It is worse than incompetence, obnoxiousness, ugliness, and no sense of humor - combined.
Girl 1: What is up with that shy guy? He doesn't talk to anyone...

Girl 2: Yeah, obviously he has problems. What a weirdo.

Girl 3: Why are you guys so quick to judge? Do all people have to be the same? Maybe he's got something else to offer than just sex and cars. He could be a good guy, for all we know, but nobody knows because we don't talk to him.

Girl 2: *Gasp* I think that guy with the Ferrari is checking me out!

Girl 1: Oh my God, he is!

Girl 2: How do I look?!

Girl 3: *Sigh*

by A shy man March 08, 2009